18 November, 2009

Fly here for cheaper than it'd cost to get to some west coast cities...

I just got an email that said flights from DC to STO are $235 each way on SAS.  Or from NYC. Or from Chicago.
I have never seen them that cheap!  We paid $315 a person one way from Newark to STO (on Malaysia Air, of all airlines.)
Granted its from Jan-Mar, but hello!  Its us!  Come visit!

---Random addendum: I have a week off starting December 2nd, and Stu has to study for exams. Anyone want to meet somewhere random in Europe for a few days?  Maybe some place with suuuuuunnnn?


  1. If I weren't moving I'd be booking my flight right now. Damn the man!

  2. I'm comin' I'm comin'. Hold your equipoises.