25 November, 2009

Ice, ice, Stockholm

JLP is visiting on the tail end of working the past 6 weeks in Europe, and it coincided perfectly with Thanksgiving (more on that in another post.) And it was the perfect excuse to do some touristy stuff that we hadn't gotten around to in our nearly 4 months here.

Planned are a few museums and Christmas markets, seeing the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace, of course the world's biggest Ikea (though we have done that behemoth many, many times. The store just sucks you in.) And Monday we hit up the Absolut Icebar downtown. All year, the thing is -5 c, and is entirely made of ice, imported from a river in the arctic circle. We even drank out of ice glasses.
Its not cheap, at 170:- per person (roughly $25), but you get a cocktail, which were delicious, and to borrow a funky snow cape with a hood that is stamped with the IceHotel's logo. Yeah, why anyone would want to pay to sleep in a -5c hotel is beyond me, the 30 minutes at the IceBar were enough.

JLP got much better pictures than we did, so maybe we'll have more later to share. And thats what you do in the IceBar. You take pictures. To remember (or to prove?) how much fun you had. And how cold you were. We all lost feeling in our toes. And fingers.

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