21 November, 2009

Picture post

Saturday was the best day we've had in weeks and weeks, not a single cloud in the sky, sunny and almost 50 degrees. I took a ton of pictures when we went out to enjoy it. Here are just a few random:
The Centaur on the Observatory hill...just to illustrate exactly how cloudless it was.

Godnatt, a mattress and bed store entrance in Östermalm. I used to pass this guy all the time, and always thought he was weird and beautiful.

The Christmas market in Gamla Stan. Would have bought glögg if I had gone to an ATM.

Yes, rapids. There were also fly fishermen AND kayakers out in that.

Norrbron with a ton of little tiny people, and the remains of an ice sculpture in Kungsträdgården.
Cutest little kid! I think he was stuck to that trashcan.

A short movie of some musical marching Santas on Västerlänggatan, and the musical santas in color!

Yes, that is Stu's head and my incoherent squeak.

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