27 November, 2009


aka Thanksgiving!

Because you wanted to see pictures of a turkey (I call him Stu.)

It was our first-ever time being in charge of making a large, gibblety game bird edible. We ordered the thing 2 weeks ago, but it wasn't until Monday that the grocery store told us they *might* not get our bird, so JLP & I spent Monday scouring grocery store freezers and the butcher counters. We got one, conveniently, at the turkey store in Östermalm (who knew they had a store dedicated to turkeys in a country that doesn't seems to eat them!?)  It set us back about $90, but we walked out with a giant frozen 7.3kg (thats over 16 lbs!)

We had 14 in our tiny apartment for dinner.  Someone lent extra chairs and someone brought extra forks. It started an hour and a half late because turkeys take longer to cook than the Butterball website tells you (lesson learned.) Thankfully, it was potluck. But there was all the reminders of home:
turkey, green bean & sweet potato casseroles, stuffing, jelly & fresh cranberry sauces, Coca-cola, rolls & gravy, punkin and apple pies, hooooly, we stuffed ourselves silly.







One of the best on record. We are thankful to have gotten to spend it with some great friends, new & old, in lovely little Stockholm.


  1. Great pictures! Nice to be able to celebrate the American traditions wherever you are! Looks like the bird was worth it!

  2. The bird was widely praised. But took nearly five hours instead of 3-3.5. Really the whole day was a group effort, and that was cool. That was J cutting onions for the stuffing. Like a trooper.

    OH, and we streamed both the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Packers-Lions game.

  3. Is that Ms. Jennifer I see? :D