06 November, 2009

Now THAT is how you protest!

The global financial crisis has forced US government offices to make major changes over the past many months. Just yesterday, Congress passed a bill (which Obama will sign into law today) extending unemployment benefits to the nearly 2 million Americans whose benefits will run out by the end of the year (that includes me!)

In another example of how the Feds have had to trim expenses, the US Postal Service is closing about 400 service offices next year to cut costs, including one in the Florida town of Lantana (pop. 10,000.)  Residents there were so upset about having to drive an additional 7 miles to pick up packages, they convinced the city council to let Washington know how they felt.

By mailing more than 1,000 coconuts to Postmaster General John E. Potter in Washington, D.C., hoping to convince him to keep their post office open!  The coconuts arrived individually wrapped and stamped to the offices.

Who knows if it will lead the USPS to change their minds about Lantana, FL's office, but what an awesome way to stick it to the man!  I love it.

The USPS donated all of the coconuts to Bread for the City, a local foodbank and homeless aid center.  They blogged about the donation here. And they are in need of recipes, so if you have a good one, let 'em know.

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  1. I hope Mr John Potter is coocoo for coconuts. ;)