01 February, 2010


As terrible as it is, this story from the Local (top-notch source for fluffy Swedish non-news in English) made my afternoon! That isn't hard, its Monday, it sucks by definition. And I have to read an excruciating article by Arthur Schopenhauer for class tomorrow.

So apparently, a 59-year-old man just north of Stockholm, wanting to torment his ex-wife, shoved not less than 19 tiny little mice through the mail slot of her front door. 19+ tiny little mice. He knew her pretty well, it seems, because she had to be treated at the hospital for shock. Understandably, having 19+ tiny little mice pour through one's door is shock-inducing! And the ex-husband was taken in for questioning. I love this for inexplicable reasons. I just can't imagine what was going through this guy's head. My favorite quote from this "article" was that the man has demanded the return of his mice. Like anyone is going to give him his mice back. And why 19? Why not a nice, even 20? Unless, they didn't catch them all...

I don't have much else to say on that. Back to reading about Schopenhauer's "pure subject of will-less knowing." It kind of makes me wish I had 19+ Platonic mice to play with instead. Happy Monday!

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