01 June, 2010

3 Sheets to the Wind-ow

Okay, admittedly that post title is corny. But I think we finally have the sun beat, and it only took 3 layers of cloth to do it!

I spent large chunks of the fall and winter complaining about how dark and gray and dark and gloomy and dark it was in Stockholm. The month of November last year had a whopping 17.5 hours of sunlight the ENTIRE month, the darkest in years. In January, the sun started to set by 2:30 in the afternoon, and I was hungry and ready for pajamas by about 3:15pm every day. Seriously.

But now, I've been complaining of something else. We've got light! So much light, in fact, that WE CAN'T SLEEP! It doesn't get fully dark until nearly 11:30, and the sun comes up before 4am. Despite that we have shades built into our windowpanes and opaque curtains that we draw closed every night, Stu & I were waking up super early in the morning because the bedroom was too bright, unable to get back to sleep without risk of suffocation from trying to cover our heads with pillows. We tried those sleep eye masks, but those things slide around while you sleep, and are also kind of a suffocation hazard.

But last night, Stu tacked up a dark brown Ikea throw between the window shades and the curtains, and success! We slept the whole night in lovely pitch darkness! It only took 3 "curtains" to get it that way.

(photo taken from our apartment last week, about 10pm)

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  1. Good Lord! I had no idea that happened in Sweden. That's awful. Good luck with the curtains...