12 June, 2010

I would have gotten married today

Instead of getting married today, we're watching World Cup football matches. That's fine...South Korea won against Greece this afternoon, so Stu was psyched. And I drank two mojitos, so I was psyched by default (it doesn't take much these days). U.S. vs. England tonight!

But we *could* have renewed our vows today, instead of watching soccer in our living room. Today only, in celebration of the royal wedding here in Stockholm next weekend, Skansen invited a half dozen "marriage registrars" to marry couples either with civil (10 minute) or religious (20 minute) ceremonies. Drop-in wedding!  The cut-off was 4pm, but I read that it was so popular, only half of the couples in the huge line had been officially married by the afternoon.

I am kind of disappointed I didn't know about it earlier. Stu & I have been married more than a year and a half now, but I would absolutely stand in line at Skansen to renew those vows, Swedish style. You even get free admission if you are tying the knot!

It might be a while 'til the next royal wedding, so I guess we missed our chance. So, uh, go Nigeria?!?

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  1. haha i'm glad that i read your post because when some of my work peeps were talking about it I knew what they were referring to! i guess one guy at my job actually got married there (not renewing vows), i think that's pretty cool and a definite conversation starter.

    happy and safe travels!