11 June, 2010

Done for the year!

School's out for summer!
I turned in my thesis proposal this morning. Stu had one last excruciatingly and unnecessarily long final class this afternoon. 
Stu is celebrating at the pub with his friends. I celebrated by watching the Glee season finale and eating more than a half a bag of those weird Polly candies, which I couldn't resist buying because they were called Summer Berries. They are literally described as "Delightfully chewy foam drops with a lovely chocolate flavour coating." Surprisingly, they are not that good (not that it stopped me) and there are a remarkable number of calories in not-that-good fake-chocolate-flavored foam, and now I thoroughly regret celebrating in this fashion. I think I'll go meet Stu at the bar.


  1. Yeah, some of the candy here is great, and some is just weird. Well that's reasonable I guess. Congrats on finishing up!

  2. Thanks!

    And Re: weird Swedish candy: chocolate-covered salty licorice. Who thought THAT up?

    But I am a sucker for the weird names and ads...I bought Risifrutti for that reason. Turns out that stuff is good!