04 June, 2010

Graduation time

That, my friends, is a dump truck full of graduates. Obviously, high school graduates (because who over 19 would be caught dead intentionally riding in the back of a dump truck?)

It's the end of the school year in Stockholm! And it is both LOUD and smelly in the city! Loud because there seem to be dozens of these giant trucks packed with half-dressed teenagers blasting loud dance music and honking every 10 meters, while driving loops through downtown. Smelly because they infuse the air with the scent of old beer and damp sweat as they drive by. The kids in the back are screaming while soaking each other with beer and champagne (which is such a tragic waste...I know I have talked about how expensive alcohol is in this country!)  For my high school graduation, my mom had a family party at my morfar's house, catered by the local BJs. Clearly, I was nowhere near as cool as Stockholm teenagers.

Why yes, that IS a tractor full of drunk kids! I couldn't help but take pictures...and yes, the one below says, in English, "Honk if you're Horny."

But the school year is winding down for Stu & I, as well. I have one class left next week, and a thesis proposal due, and one last day as an intern at Fotografiska. Stu has been doing Tango sessions at school (which has inspired him to micromanage every little decision, including the most efficient way to make egg sandwiches, which was entertaining) and has a jam-packed last week of school, in addition to running a 5K race. 

And then we'll be back in the States for nearly 3 weeks! Not long enough, if you ask me. But man, am I happy this first year is over. Next year, when we graduate, it may not have the same feeling of relief with having to find jobs and figure out which country we will live in. So I guess I should try to enjoy the end of this year like it was my last.   

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  1. I can't believe you have been there for a year already. The time has really flown by!