23 June, 2010

Update from the states

We made it in one piece, despite British Airlines pilot strikes (and SAS pilot strikes that induced heartattacks when we got to Arlanda at 6 for a flight at 7am, thinking the crowds were in the line for security!) My mother's internet connection is slower than molasses and our old US cell phones are dead and we can't get anyone's numbers out of 'em, so we feel a little out of touch. Was it so unreasonable to think that after a year being turned off, they'd work here (I guess it was, and I should have thought to bring our chargers!) Thank god for Facebook.

Its in the mid-90s here, so we are taking advantage of air conditioning. And restaurants. Hooray for steak and decent Mexican! And I have had more margaritas since getting here last week than the entire prior year in Sweden! That is vacation.

My little sister successfully graduated. Stu is in a wedding Saturday, and my best friend will be induced this weekend to have her first baby. There probably won't be many more blogposts while we are in the States, but we'll wrap up with a few pictures later.

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