11 September, 2010

Blogging on the sly

We've had our friend Yon visiting, so I haven't been able to do a proper blog post (can't be an absentee host!) but he and Stu just popped out for something, so I'm making stir-fry and attempting a quick one.

I think it'll be more like this for at least the next several weeks. Life in Stockholm is busy for us this fall! With working at Moderna next-to-full-time, I barely have enough time to read the articles for class each week (a piece by Derrida and Nelson Goodman for Monday, which I have not yet read...and I have to *present* the Goodman to the class!!) Much less the time to write the texts for money, much less write emails to people, much much less blog. And god knows Stu won't blog. At least about anything coherent ;)

But we're getting out of Stockholm a bit. We've made travel plans to spend a long weekend in London when my dad comes to visit us at the beginning of October. I am quite excited to see London in fall, since I have only been there in January when it was cooooold. And I am excited about my dad's visit...more than two weeks in Europe! We are visiting friends in Belgium over Halloween (and renting our apartment out via airbnb for the first time...don't know if anyone has ever used it, but we get SO many requests to rent our place through it!) Not much else planned, except for our THREE WHOLE WEEKS in Egypt in over Xmas and New Years. We are escaping the dark of Stockholm for sand, pyramids and pigeons (if you believe what "No Reservations" says about what Egyptians eat.)

Speaking of, the rice is beginning to burn and Stu & Yon just got back. Gotta break...more later (if I can get a sec!)

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  1. Hey, I'm super impressed by the regularity of your blog posts, so don't knock it ;) Personally, I get sick for a week and it knocks me off my game for 3. Today could be the day, though; I'm feeling good interweb vibes. Maybe because I've actually logged onto my reader and facebook for once....

    And hooray for travels! Can't wait to see you guys!!