05 September, 2010


I started interning at Moderna Museet on Monday. Whew, let me tell you...working 9-5 is exhausting. And I only did it four days last week! I'm a spoiled student, I know.

Moderna is on the little island of Skeppsholmen, so I take a 10 minute bus ride from my apartment down to Kungsträdgården, then have a 10 minute walk over the water and around the island to the administrative office behind the museum. Not a bad commute:

I have a huge cubicle (woohoo?) with a water view. I work with nice, competent people in the registrar's office, who are civilized enough to have a mandatory coffee break at 9:30 every morning. In fact, the whole museum together has 9:30 fika every morning. 

They put me right to work helping register the big exhibition that opens in October, Modernautställningen
And in doing this, I caught a few mistakes (I am surprisingly good at pointing out other people's mistakes. Of course I can't point out my own, because I don't make any. Poor Stu.) But because of it, one of the curators thought I'd be good to recruit to help edit and do some research for an upcoming exhibition catalog. It's kinda nice to be needed...I just wish they'd pay me for it!

It is already abundantly apparent that I need to learn more Swedish to take full advantage of working there. And of course, what follows: I need to get fluent to get a job! 
Thankfully I start a new svenska class next Monday night.


  1. That sounds good! Gosh will you be busy.

  2. Lovely, lovely. The swedish fika is famous. Have introduced it here too.