01 September, 2010


Our apartment is a pig sty. Seriously, it took all my energy to unload the dishwasher when I got home today...so much energy that there was none left over to put the tottering stack of dirty dishes in the sink *into* the empty machine. So they'll sit there a little longer.

I guess summer vacation is over! I started my fall internship Monday morning (nope, haven't unpacked from Paris yet. Haven't even moved the suitcase out of the middle of the living room.) I have my first class of the fall semester on Friday. Last week, Stu had crazy orientation events and started his classes Monday as well, and is putting the finishing touches on a consulting project that he has worked on since the spring, that he will present at the company's annual board meeting next week in Växjö (he gets to travel to the most exotic, unpronounceable places.)

I'd like to do a blog post on what I did on my summer vacation. I'd like to do a blog post on this Moderna Museet internship. I'd like to bitch about school a little (or a lot) on the blog. I'd like to fill you in on our plans for the next few months. I'd like to do some research and post on the highly anticipated upcoming national elections in Sweden (in a few weeks, the government could change directions drastically.)

But all I could manage was a lot of words basically amounting to: we're busy and we're dirty.

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