25 September, 2010

Utterly random pictures

It's been so nice and fall-y here, I thought I'd go out and take pictures this weekend. But by the time we got out of the house today, the clouds had overtaken the sun and didn't leave me many awesome fall photo ops. But I did take a few random ones:
A picture of Stu, yes. But mostly I wanted to capture this woman's shoes! Can you imagine riding a bicycle in those things? And she followed us into the art exhibition we were at, so I got the opportunity to see her attempt to move around in them for a while. She wasn't so successful.

Cane parking. Or did someone experience a miracle at Berzelius Park?
I want this in my living room.
I also took a picture of what seemed to be a Blues Brothers convention in Gamla Stan, but none of the sunglassed-black-suited guys were looking the right way at the right time. So you just have to imagine it. Hopefully tomorrow will allow for better picture-taking.