21 May, 2010

Pictures from the opening party:

The entrance

The line to get in just after 7pm (yes, it did start at 7.)

The crowd. And it was part sponsored by Audi, so there is a random convertible on the plaza.

And someone decided it was cool to hire extremely skinny girls to wear giant hats and just stand by the entrance looking moody. Seriously.

Annie Leibovitz and Vee Speers arrived by boat.

And then she was totally mobbed by reporters. She stayed [maybe] half an hour.
Random weird fashion shoot in the middle of the gallery. But we had our make-up done, so that was kinda fun.

It was super crowded and scenester-y, but I had a great time. And no dinner and many cocktails. 


  1. oooh...how exciting! you're on your way to the glamorous life.

  2. I love that they seriously hired skinny models to wear black and look moody. Fabulous!