20 May, 2010

Fotografiska opening weekend

Today was the big press opening for the new Fotografiska museum in Stockholm! I have been on my feet since about 7:30, shuttling artists from one side to the other of a what is a very large museum. Thankfully, with two Americans and an Australian among them, it was all English, English, English all over the museum (which made me feel much less like an idiot.)

I'll make this post quick, because I only have an hour at home before going back for the VIP opening (ha, I had to add that VIP part.) But I got to meet famous artists Annie Leibovitz, Lennart Nilsson, the lovely Vee Speers, and Joel-Peter Witkin (who was way more normal than his works would have you think.) Yes, Annie was treated like a total superstar (and even better, she asked for Starbucks lattes and diet cokes to be available at her press appearance, neither of which actually exist in Sweden!)

I didn't get any decent pictures...I only had the guts to take a few during the press talk, and felt totally embarrassed by my crappy Sony camera beside all the giant fancy reporter cameras.

Everything seemed to go off without *many* hitches (the toilets all worked, but we were still sticking labels to the wall throughout the day.) Tomorrow is the official public opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, and there is a full weekend schedule planned with lectures, signings, and tours. I'll try to take better pictures, but no promises.


  1. Wow! Big day. So how did you get those items for her, then? I had no idea there was no Starbucks or Diet Coke here.

    Anyway good work!

  2. Yeah, it was a bit crazy. But I did no work at the opening, and just got to people-watch...I'll post a few pictures from that later.

    There is only ONE Starbucks in Sweden, and its behind security at Arlanda airport (so it might as well not exist.) So we got lattes from a coffee shop nearby, and of course, they didn't even drink them and they got cold.
    And they don't do DIET Coke here, they do Coke Light, which has a slightly different taste. Annie commented on that, but what was she going to do? She was not a diva, very normal, but you could tell she didn't want to be there...she only spent 24 hours here in Stockholm, and she is already on her way back to NY.