14 February, 2010

Alla Hjärtans Dag

Happy All Hearts Day!
aka Valentine's Day.
Mine started off with fluffy American pancakes for breakfast made by my sweetie.
Its not a Swedish 'holiday' by any means, but Valentine's Day has definitely popped up as a commercial excuse for candy and flowers here. The restaurants in our neighborhood looked busy tonight, and we had planned to go see Where the Wild Things are at the movies, but there were a whopping 8 tickets left to the 5:30 showing, and none were sitting together. Those Swedes plan ahead for their romance!
I particularly liked someone's drive-by-hearting on all the cars parked along our street:

Last night, we celebrated Stu's birthday with a few dozen friends (see photos below), stupid party hats (also below) and a completely from-scratch birthday cake made by yours-truly.

I pat myself on the back for making my first layer cake, with only one spring-form pan. Those things leak. And it was edible!

And Stu wore the pony hat.

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