22 February, 2010

Pressure Drop

So, we really feel like we pulled off a miracle getting in and out of Berlin so easily. Mostly, actually, from the Stockholm side. There was a lot of pressure on me to get back early Sunday night, 'cause well, I had a big exam this morning. Thank goodness, it's over, and on to the next deadline but I feel like again I've earned some momentary breathing room.

For those of you who don't know, it's a minor family joke that when I travel there's severe weather. Thankfully the Weather Gods were kind to me. Or were mad at some other guy, anyway, it's always tough to tell.

Basically, anytime I seem to be going anywhere there seem to be snow storms, hurricanes, assorted blizzards. You get the idea. We actually planned our October honeymoon to avoid the Caribbean hurricane season and almost ran into a rare one on the West Coast. But never mind that. Actually, mind that: maybe Anne throws off the mojo.

Anyway, usually it's a safer bet to plan to travel when I'm not. So, sorry to the rest of the continent, it was horrendous to get around this weekend. Stockholm really got dumped on and shut down. We were worried we'd not get out or back in. But as Anne mentioned, that wasn't the case, lucky break.

So, being in Berlin again was incredible. I really did have a tough time realizing how different it was. But then the Wall makes an impression on a kid. I used to have nightmares about it. And it's just so cool to see the changes in the new, growing city and to learn all it's neighborhoods. Walking around Friedhof has a feeling like London's Notting Hill, there was even anti-yuppie graffti so you'd fit right in.

Getting back last night was easy, I've already forgotten what I was studying for. and now we get to enjoy -21 C, with 20cm of snow. Alright.

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