19 February, 2010

Spooning in Berlin, I hope

We're headed to Berlin for the weekend tomorrow EARLY. We are planning on getting up at 4am for a 6:30 flight out of Stockholm. Well, we'll see if that happens, since they are forecasting a Category 2 snow storm, out of 4. The weather gods are dumping what is predicted to between 10-30cm of snow throughout the south in the next 48 hours. The bus might not get through unplowed streets that early, the flight might not take off anywhere near on time or even get cancelled after we get to the airport, we might not be able to get back in time for Stu's final exam in Finance on Monday...

Hold your thumbs (in Sweden, you don't cross your fingers, you hålla tummarna) that its a relatively easy trip! Or that its a trip at all.

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