03 February, 2010

An opening or two

Tonight (6-8pm) at the Moderna Museet, there is a launch party for American artist Lee Lozano. In a nutshell, she is kind of minimalist, conceptual, feminist, and the show officially opens Saturday, February 13th. Check out the MM website for other tours with the curators, etc. They might ask if you are on the guest list, but if you get there early, it should be okay.

There are two events this week to kick off another show at Magasin 3, if you can drag yourself all the way out to Frihamnen twice (bleeeech.) Tomorrow (Thursday night, 5-8pm) is the official opening for another American artist, Tom Friedman and his show "Up in the Air." He makes wacky assembleges out of colorful, random objects. I have only seen a few of his pieces, but they are fun. And bonus, he's not dead (unlike Lee Lozano) so he will be participating in an artist-curator talk at the konsthall on Friday at 4pm.

I'm not sure I can actually make myself get out to the port twice, but I think both opportunities are worthwhile!

Oh, and another few:
an opening at Konstfack on Friday with oddly long opening hours: 4-10pm
Vita havet, Konstfack
LM Ericssons väg 14, Telefonplan

And on Monday, a book-release and talk at IASPIS on Södermalm (more info here)

That should keep you busy.

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