07 February, 2010

First Sunday in February

Makin' Superbowl chili and Superbowl cornbread. Drinkin' Superbowl beer. Watchin' Superbowl pre-game commentary (I know, right? Did I hit my head?) Its an American tradition.

But the game starts after midnight, because our timezone is GMT -1. I know now I am not going to make it through...Stu is far more dedicated. And he even has a presentation tomorrow.

Even though I only really care about the commercials and the awesome food on Superbowl Sunday, it still feels a little sad to miss out on the parties back home. Especially the boys' 3 hours of football shit-talking, Blonde Justice's ridiculously awesome Velveeta cheese dip. Patrick's ridiculously ridiculous Bacon Explosion (woven bacon strips rolled up with sausage and cheddar...a heart attack in log-form.) And inexpensive beer.

I'm having a little homesick moment, oddly related to tonight's Colts/Saints game. Though I'm hoping the Saints win (I like the black & gold color combination.)


  1. those homesick moments come outta nowhere sometimes, eh?

  2. I thought of you guys yesterday while I was making the cheese dip and really wished that you, stu, emski and Patti were snowed in with us. We had all the great American super bowl food and beer and just the two of us. I can't wait to come visit you guys. Maybe I can smuggle over some velveeta, salsa and corn chips? ;)

  3. Yeah, who knew?
    Buuuuut I'm over it now...I also made Super Bowl chocolate chip cookies and have been eating them nonstop for 2 days. That'll do the trick! However, smuggled Velveeta would fantastic! That stuff isn't actually made of dairy, so you can stick it in your suitcase and it'll be fine!