05 May, 2010

Brad Pitts comin' to Stockholm

Even though the Swedish version was released in U.S. theaters and did surprisingly well for a foreign film, Hollywood is planning to remake at least part of the Millennium trilogy. Starting with "Män som hatar kvinnor," which literally means "Men who Hate Women," but the English version is actually "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Confusing. Anyway, the books did amazing internationally, and maybe even better due to the drama surrounding the death and estate woes of the author Stieg Larsson, and the three movies have done really well in Sweden. So of course Hollywood has to capitalize.

And they are starting off on the right foot with getting David Fincher directing, and probably Brad Pitt starring in this movie (though George Clooney has been rumored as well.)

Brad Pitt in Las Vegas by Annie Leibovitz, 1994 (yes, this'll be in the inaugural show at Fotografiska!)

The stories are set in Stockholm (I hear you can even take a "Millennium" tour of the city that visits all of the places he writes about in the book, kind of like Sex & the City tours of NYC.) That means Brad Pitt -or George Clooney- will be shooting in Stockholm starting in the fall.

Living in DC, there were always movie sets to be stepped over on your way to work. I still haven't seen the Russell Crowe movie State of Play that was shot in Mt. Pleasant, or the second National Treasure that was shot in my university library. Even though I saw both of those sets and some of the shooting, (even creepy Jon Voight walking around UMD) I just didn't care that much. But I'd definitely want to see this movie, and I'd probably even be one of those fans stalking the production, trying to get to watch some of the scenes. As demonstrated previously, I am not above (minor) stalking.

So, um, if you're planning to visit us in the fall (and admit it if you have amended your plans because you actually want to join me in mini-stalking David, Brad or George) book our couch now! We've already got Yon on the books for the week of Labor Day, people. Somehow, I don't think he'll be as into this movie as I am...


  1. !!! Very exciting!!!

  2. Oh wow. I just finished reading the first book in the series. What a coincidence.

  3. i will totally join you for some brad stalking! i totally didn't know this! well, i knew that he might be bloomqvist in the movie, but i didn't know it would be shot here in stockholm! sometimes you never know where they shoot the movies, usually not the real location and some cheap version instead. Lots of movies are shot in canada/winnipeg (my home town) because its cheap. I can't imagine that stockholm would be their cheap option, but glad they are at least going authentic!

    let me know more dirt on this matter and where/when they are going to be shooting!