24 May, 2010


I have been working tons of hours at Fotografiska to help the curator with the final touches for opening last week. We've had social engagements to keep. I have to start thinking about buying gifts for friends and family and wedding presents and new baby presents to bring back when we go to the US in just a few weeks.  I have two rather important papers due next week and the week after to finish up this school year. I have a final exam in my Swedish class at the University next Wednesday, and because of that, we had an extra class this week to prepare. The point of that paragraph is just to illustrate that its been a bit busy. I am not sure how I have managed my calendar with all the little details.

Tonight, I have Swedish class from 6-9pm. I even went all the way to school for it (though I thought that extra class was at 4:30, so of course I just went home rather than wait an hour and a half doing, I don't know, homework!?!) And I'm not going back. Why? Because I have important priorities...last night was the big Lost series finale on US television, which means tonight is our turn.

2.5 hours+ of finally getting some answers. I say finally, but I am a bit of a sham. I didn't follow the show its whole 6 or 7 years...we just picked it up a month or two ago and watched all 6 seasons in succession. But regardless, that show gets under your skin! We pay our $5 a month for a VPN so we can stream Lost (and all the other worthless yet delicious American tv shows that makes us feel not-so-far-away.) Don't worry, I won't rehash on the blog after watching.


  1. We tried a VPN service but it was crap. Can you recommend yours, then?

    Have fun being busy!

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  3. We used this website: Sense-IT.us
    I went ahead and paid for a year in advance because a friend vouched that it had good service. And it has...no problems! We plug Stu's MacBook into our TV and even stream movies on Netflix.
    Its the little things, really.