10 May, 2010

Cold snap

Its cold and crappy in Stockholm! Its May 10th (and a belated happy mother's day to all the mammas) but its so cold I wore my jacket and scarf all day at work today. Where? At work at the Fotografiska, the half-built museum that opens in a week+ and doesn't have fully-functioning HVAC yet. Not to mention flooring. Or toilets for the public.
After helping lug in 22 GIANT framed Lennart Nilsson photographs from a delivery truck in the freezing cold (because the loading dock isn't done yet? Or they haven't hired professional art handlers. Or both.) the other interns and I started hanging a very large wall of Annie Leibovitz photographs that will be pushpinned under glass (like this or this.) We got about 25 pictures hung when we ran out of pictures, while still having quite a bit of wall left. Why? Because we hung them on the wrong effing wall. The workmen were still building the wall we were supposed to use. Oops! We had to take them all down, and will start again tomorrow. This has certainly been a learning experience.

But thankfully its a short week! Thursday is Ascension Day, or as it is called in Swedish Kristi himmelsfärds dag, or as Stu calls it in typical Stu-pid fashion, Christ Farts in Heaven Day. Once again, this secular country shuts down for a random religious observance (I say random because its not an observed holiday in the US, and I had never heard of it before moving to Sweden.) But most of Europe celebrates it as well, and that includes the Dutch, so Emre & Patti are coming to visit Stockholm for their long weekend! (Volcano willing.) I don't quite know what we'll do to show them around, but if this cold weather keeps up, so many of the things we like about this city just won't be as pleasant. Seriously, its May 10th. Hurry up, Spring!

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  1. I was in Stockholm this weekend and it was way cold, you're right! Well, it's still cold here on the other side of Sweden, too. Where I come from, May is full-on summer, so this is disconcerting.