17 May, 2010

One year! One month!

Amazingly, it has been one whole year since we started this blog.  And more amazingly, at least to me, we are almost 10 months in to our planned stay in Sweden. Crazy what has changed and happened!

We are also exactly one month from heading to the US for a few weeks, to celebrate weddings and graduations and babies and seeing friends & fam. I am so looking forward to the trip. And call me shallow, but one of the first trips I am making is to Target when we get home. I miss Target and Whole Foods more than you know.

We are planning on traveling most of this summer since we assume it will be our last before re-entering adulthood, with real jobs and maybe babies. After our short east coast stint, we have plans in July to be in Edinburgh and London for about two weeks, and to spend a few weeks all over Germany with Stu's mama. August we have plans for Paris, and maybe Turkey with Emre & Patti between August and September. And anywhere else we can squeeze in some time. Any suggestions?

One year of blogging! And one month til we are back in DC! Woohoo!


  1. DC! I have a ton of family there. I wish I could somehow assign you to visit them and have it really be me. I guess not. Have fun! Jealous of Target! Ooh, all the cheap cute clothes...

  2. Let me know your DC plans. I want to introduce you to Laura!!

  3. Cheap! Cute! Clothes! And everything else...I am a big fan of Aveeno products, and they just don't exist here. I am going to LOAD UP when we are home.

    Cait, congrats on officially getting your masters degree! I will absolutely let you know when we are in town and can meet baby Laura. Somehow, all the weekends filled up and it makes me wish we had planned for more time :(

  4. anne, do you know yet when you'll be visiting nyc, if at all? if you can't make it up here, i'll do my best to come down to you!