25 December, 2009

Christmas Carbohydrate Coma

JT & Stu at the Gamla Stan Xmas market

God Jul!

We celebrated yesterday with pancakes for breakfast, a ridiculous amount of baking, cartoon Kalle Anka (its not Christmas in Sweden unless you are watching a Disney medley "Donald Duck and his Friends is on TV"), a Jul concert at Adolf Fredericks kyrka (the church in the pictures from the other day), presents, glögg AND eggnog. And the sun poked out for about an hour or so! Its been a great Christmas!

We've done more, but I am currently alternating between stuffing my face with homemade pepparkakor and stuffing my face with homemade kanelbullar, so I'll be down-for-the-count in a full-blown carb coma soon. More pictures later...

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