18 December, 2009

Pictures in the snow

We had a bit of a blizzard yesterday! I took a few pictures of our courtyard during the swirliest part.

A picture of the traffic in front of Handels (Stu's school.)
I am actually amazed at how terrible the roads are, even today, when nothing has come down from the sky but sun. Maybe I am used to the fact that DC uses a chemical bath on the streets to make them usable? There is plenty of gravel and I assume salt laid out on the sidewalks, so they are not too bad (I haven't fallen, anyway, so that's saying a lot!) But when you are on the street at the crosswalks, its treacherous. The pedestrian has the absolute right of way in most of the crosswalks in Stockholm, meaning you can literally run in front of a whole mess of fast-moving cars and they HAVE to stop for you. And they do, its brilliant! But with it this slick, I have only been crossing at lights, since I don't know that most of these cars *could* stop safely. Not to mention, I am much more likely to fall on my butt in the street and they might not see me.

We took a field trip to the Nordiska library around 3pm in the blizzardiness. Damn museum was closing early for some fancy party, but we got there in enough time to get a book and schmooze with the librarian for a few (who had heard of me, apparently!) Then we ended up in northern Djurgården. It was deserted and dark and creepy and awesome. There were places where the drifts had gotten so high, I stepped in past my knees! And my boots don't come up that high. So, the walk back sucked, except for the stop at Valhalla Bageriet, which might be one of the best bakeries I have EVER been to. Cold coffee, but amazing breads and sweet things.

Requisite snowangels... nice, huh?

And, because its Christmas, the postal service has JulPost boxes out for Xmas mail. And I kind of love them.

School is officially out until next year for both of us...we are 1/4 of the way through the whole education thing. Its a nice feeling!
And getting ready for Christmas, maybe getting a tree this weekend, a little, teeny tiny apartment-sized tree? And Stu's mom comes in on Tuesday! We are so excited!

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  1. And I'm excited too! No big snows forecast for here between now and Christmas so I shouldn't have travel delays (she says confidantly). See you on Tuesday!!