14 December, 2009

Hot Xmas gifts for 2009?

For a non-Stockholmer, this subway advertisement might seem to be showing off products from the local S&M shop.

Nope, Teknik Magasinet is like Radio Shack.  I bought my European computer plug there. But apparently, they think everyone you know should be getting a Spike mat, a Clone-A-Willy or the Orgasmatron for Christmas this year. If I had the cash, I'd absolutely send you all back home one of each.

Full disclosure, I own 2 out of 3 of these items. I'll let you imagine which ones...

**Addendum: Stu made the good point that I didn't explain what any of these things actually are! You can guess what a Clone-A-Willy is (Swedes are an open, liberal people! The black logo next to it says 'Give a hard package'. )  The Orgasmatron is a head massager...its heavenly. And the spikmatta is some type of acupuncture/acupressure mat, with little plastic treads that stimulate or relax, depending on the placement. So there you go.

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