31 December, 2009

I am not skanky enough for Stockholm

That is what I have decided, anyway, as I am standing here doing lunges in my black stretch pants that, after the Christmas carb overload, don't seem to stretch enough to avoid pantylines and a muffin-top. Like I mentioned, we were invited to a New Years party with a bunch of Swedes we don't know. Because we are poor students, we didn't buy new outfits for a party with strangers, and I am digging through my piles of already-owned clothes trying to find something to impress said strangers.

You know how Halloween is really just an excuse for girls to dress up like skanks, Mean Girls style? I really think NYE is kind of the same thing. But Swedes in general dress in, uh, less than I do (or most sane people do when its -8c outside!!) Stu has some Swedish classmates that only seem to have spandex mini-dresses and super high heels in their closets. They pull it off, for sure, but it leaves the curvier of the species (like me) feeling like an old married woman because I really, really like wearing jeans and keens, and would feel like an idiot wearing anything spandex. Don't worry, they aren't pleated jeans (yet.)

And I don't seem to have anything in my fake closets even close to New-Years-skank enough. What did I wear the last several New Years Eves? Granted, we have spent the last few at our friend Dan's penthouse parties with a gaggle of gay guys who don't care whether I wore a parka or a swimsuit, so maybe that's why? Maybe there was no pressure? These are STRANGERS, so I am not sure why I feel any pressure now.

So I am doing squats and lunges to get these pants to loosen up a bit. And I have to find something low-cut enough that I won't freeze in. Preferably sparkly. Pictures later, if I manage to pull off "Stockholm skank" successfully.

What are you guys doing for New Years? More importantly, what are you wearing?!?

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