21 December, 2009

Reading our blog, you: a) are probably in Sweden, so you know there is snow, or b) are in the DC area, which just got the biggest blizzard since 1992 and you have plenty of your own snow (and hey, I heard the federal gov't is closed today. Surprise.) or c) don't really care about snow that much and might be sick of seeing pictures.

I'm sorry, it's still a novelty to me, so this is more pictures of snow in Stockholm. Make Stu post something different...you never know what is going to come out of his brain.

The lovely blue concert house downtown. These statues just look hungry in the cold.

You can buy your Xmas tree on the street. Literally. Its a pop-up tree shop on the sidewalk.

I mentioned how slippery the streets were (snowtires, of course! They are mandatory!) But this "Don't Walk" signal says it better:

Our first Christmas tree. I couldn't get reasonably priced Eddie Izzard tickets for Saturday night ($200 is a lot for 3 hours of well-dressed comedy! We'll buy the DVD) so we spent $25 to see the movie "9." It was pretty good. And bought a tiny tree from the Sergels Torg market, and hauled it home. 100:- well spent because, lop-sided though it is, its perfect. Our landlady left us the straw ornaments.

And we had a mini beer tasting...I bought all the Jul Öl I could carry home from Systembolaget. I drank a little too much wine on Friday night with Swedes, so the idea of holiday-spiced beers was more appealing. And Sweden has SO many! Like I said, I only bought what I could carry:

The winner. Jul Mumma? It tastes like Christmas. Or maybe Julmust with beer mixed in.
(Julmust is a Swedish holiday necessity: spiced cola. Its really a bit of an acquired taste, but rather palatable if you add liquor to it!)

A few days from Christmas. Mom-in-law arrives early tomorrow morning, and we are forcing her to adjust to the time change by going to a Swedish julbord (pictures of sill to come, I am sure. Blech.)

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