10 December, 2009

A little bit of home

We received our first care package from the US this week. A mere two week wait, speedy from the US... I must say, it's nice to feel the love (particularly considering the arm-n-a-leg postage! don't make that a habit, eh?) and to be reminded of little things that are simple back home but rare here.

Due to our baking woes, we now have enough baking soda to conduct underground trading in chef prison--Martha Stewart wishes she coulda got by with what we got. Also, big shout out to Shake-n-Bake, mostly due to the fact that I didn't realize I was craving breaded chicken until I was reminded of it's existence. Funny how that works, eh?

Dark Fury, Blonde Justice: why oh, why did you include the "Cheer--girls of the NFL" magazine? Well, that's a stupid question, huh? Cute. Likewise, yeast; hot sauce? Much appreciated. Mascara, I didn't know you carad! Way to read actively.

I must say however, what is undeniably the creme-dela-creme... (drum roll please...[clearly Nobel Prize fever has me excited about a sense of ceremony]...) The Marshmallow Fluff!

Marshmallow Fluff is very pleased to accept this honor on behalf of the care package, but would also of course, like to recognize the undeniable contributions of WonderBread and Skippy, without whom fluffernutters would not have been possible.

I'm sure I will be cleaning it out of my ears. Mmm, gluttony.

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