11 December, 2009

Throw in the Towel...

Göteborg gives up eight-year linguistic battle, joins a disappointed Munich. Hoping to regain it's title as most mispronounced city name, Göteborg was made the official international spelling in 2003. (Crown now goes back to Phnom Penh.) Now the city has realized, sighing, that it's just too painful to hear English speakers mess it up over and over.

"Yoda Boring? Is that it?"
"No, wrong again. We'll just say it your way."

The change is practical when you think about it. But, less romantic. Then again, is there anything romantic about the country's shipping hub? That sounds to me like the romance of... Baltimore. (Perhaps, but faded?)

Sorry, Gothenburg is the name again, standardizing to English... That's right the language which wouldn't know phonetics if it was hit in the mouth with a halibut.

Why a fish? Oh, just for the halibut.

But seriously, (I'll be here all week) what is the deal with English?

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