06 January, 2011

Dec 22, 2010

Day 4: kweyyis, good
Up early. Minor dose of paranoia while we figure out where to stow our valuables for the day. The answer made me feel like James Bond.
Whole day snorkeling as our big excursion out. At first I wasn’t so sure (I get seasick) but it was a concession to Anne, just like when we visited the Bahamas because I love my wife. Turns out it was an easy choice to make: calm seas and no intestinal distress.
The Red Sea is gorgeous. The still blue water just lolls one to stillness. We stopped at Giftun’s white sand beaches... How is it that there are guys with shell necklaces at every beach in the world? Who unified these guys’ business models? The beach was a sea of people from around Europe. My favorite was the middle age punk couple with the partially shaved head and leopard spot dye-job.
As it was too cold to get in just yet, we stayed dozing in the sun and listening to all these languages, and I thought of the Tower of Babel. A lot of Bible stories are coming to mind, being in Egypt. We’re not going out to Sinai, but I wish we were. Next time.
Then we went snorkeling at a reef with some of the most beautiful fishes and coral. It was spectacular. And such colors! We were so cold our lips were purple and Anne’s wedding ring was in serious jeopardy of decorating the bottom of the Sea instead of her cold finger.
Finally, we had lunch, which was delicious and caught from the sea. And warmed up a bit. Our guide, Slim, was fantastically friendly and told us stories about celebrities in Sharm El Sheik (Michael Jordan, Leo DiCaprio, Beyonce) while working as a paparazi. We liked him so much we made a new friend, and we’ll meet up with him later. And he made us funny hats out of beach towels. Felt very kräftskiva. We went to the New Marina, which is a santitized kind of tourist towne centre development. But, it was really nice...

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