06 January, 2011

Dec 31, 2010

Day 13
Set sail! On our way we made great time, take with and against the wind. 4 days sailing along the Nile, 3 nights camping on its banks (with all the associated joys of camping...sleeping bags, mosquitoes, peeing outdoors.)  

As the waves carried us along I was awestruck yet again. The banks of the Nile, the sailboats, the sun... I don’t know what to write to describe it. We got to see the “real Nile” and let our minds drift back through the ages. 

People still live and work the land with their livestock in simple mud huts, with palm roofs. Majestic feluccas furl their angular sails like white wings. Bloated, boxy river boats which vie between nostalgic chic and cheesy are the only things that break the spell.
That and Australians playing “I’m on a Boat” for New Year’s Eve.
Anne and I have spent the last 6 consecutive NYEs together. This one was one of the most interesting, by bonfire with our Nubian crew drumming and singing call-and-response songs...when we couldn’t quite catch on to the Nubian tunes, they switched to “She’ll Be Coming Down the Nile When She Comes”.
Happy New Year.

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