19 January, 2011

To Åre, to Åre

Heading half-way up Sweden! Taking the night train! We're going skiing for the weekend, in Åre with a group of friends. I have never, ever been skiing. I'm not sure I am going to pop that cherry this weekend, either. I fell flat on my face IN MY APARTMENT on my birthday, nearly smashing my laptop (thank god, it is fine and only only have bruises.) But in general, I lack both balance and coordination, which are both major requirements for successfully speeding down a hill of ice on two skinny flat boards with only dagger-tipped sticks to guide you. I can't even answer my cell phone without hurting myself, and I'm thinking it is too early for Stu to get to claim that life insurance policy. I have been told there is dog-sledding, however, and I am very excited about that possibility!

A few things I learned about Åre today from a group of very excited Swedes:
The most famous Swedish rapper, Petter, calls it home.
It is it's own republic.
There was a bid for the 2014 Olympics to be held around here
It is quite close to Östersund, which has been plagued by a terrible water-borne parasite, which apparently spread to Åre just in the last few weeks. We'll be drinking only bottled water, thank you.
There is also a Japanese restaurant not far from Åre, in the middle of nowhere, that has a few Michelin stars. Super random.

I can't verify most of those facts, but it should be a fun weekend anyway. Wish me/us luck.

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