11 January, 2011

Unusual winter weather

The Stockholm sky is clear and it is sunny. And (relatively) warm! It's a good week (my mood is admittedly sun-dependent.)

We are going skiing next week in Åre, a big ski resort town for a not-so-big mountain from what I'm told (what do I care, I'm just going to be sipping hot cocoa in the lodge anyway.) But the snow seems to be melting, and fast! It got up to a whole 37F degrees (maybe warmer) and I can see sidewalks and roofs for the first time since November. In Åre, they are warning about the risk for avalanches.
Some poor guy last week was knocked unconscious by a falling icicles on a Stockholm street. The weather report says it will get down to 20F/-7C later this week, so of course that means the slick sidewalks will be treacherous. Thankfully I don't have to leave the house much ;)

But I'm looking at the bright side right now! Sun!

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