06 January, 2011

Dec 30, 2010

Day 12, And... we’re off!

Nowhere fast. We arose, checked out and embarked on our adventure down the Nile by a rustic felucca sailboat. No electricity, no plumbing for 3 days/4 nights...

Our first day the winds were too high to go anywhere so we “camped” by a construction site... but on the other side, having gotten a tow across the majestic Nile with its eons of commerce and history! It was still relaxing to lie about and read, watching more fortunate feluccas sail the opposite direction up river. We took a break back at the hotel we’d just left for a soccer game and a beer. And a toilet.

We stayed in a secluded cove, told ghost stories around the fire, and got bitten by mosquitos.

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