12 January, 2011

I must have jinxed the city yesterday, blogging about all the sun and "warm" weather in Stockholm. Today it's back to that stupid gray color we suffered through all last winter. It's hovering right around freezing, but is still snowing, making the sidewalks a nasty, slushy, squishy, dirty mess.

But I didn't start this post to complain (I just happen to be good at complaining.) The last week or so, I haven't left my computer much, between writing essays for school and for the Absolut art collection and trying to start writing my thesis. And Stu has started school and work full-time, so it's unusually quite here. (I even started reading Gawker as a distraction.) I was feeling a little stir-crazy, so despite how gray and mushy it is out there, I had to at least get out of the apartment for a bit. I ended up at a second-hand shop. So strange...when I don't have a destination, I *always* end up at the second-hand shops! I guess it's the random assortment of distractions to look at and the fact that it's no big deal if I have a weak moment, because it's cheaper than any other possible shopping destination in Sweden. Anyway, I scored the coolest little Turkish coffee pot.

I had wanted to buy one in Egypt since I had stocked up on their cardamom-infused version of the coffee, but couldn't find anything ornate enough or the right price (one souk guy wanted to sell my a one-cupper plain pot for 60 egp, or $12. He chased me down the street, halving the price in the process, but still, it was too boring for the price.) However, this little guy was a whole 15sek (about $2). And yes, I am going to fika with it this afternoon! Stu is going to think I am an idiot for getting so excited about a copper pot that I blogged about it.

But that's not all! I ALSO scored the LAST bottle of glögg at the Systembolaget near our place. I am just not ready to give it up for the season! The people in line all chuckled when I explain how excited I was about buying it. Obviously, I haven't been getting out much. 

And to top off those good things, I also spotted my first semlor of the year today! The Lent/Fat Tuesday buns have become my favorite part of February (celebrating Stu's birthday is a close second, though.) I frickin' love cardamom. Oooooh, brilliant idea...a semla and a Egyptian-style Turkish coffee might be *the* combination this year. 

It says "Semlor, good people!" but I prefer to think of it as "Get your semlor, bitches!"
Okay, so I should go back to work now...I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation for school Monday (which also happens to be my birthday. Ugg.) But I will leave you on another good-thing note--we are gaining nearly a half hour of daylight every week now. It just keeps getting better and better...


  1. i have never even tried a semla :S i am just not a whipped cream fan, so i never thought i would like it. maybe this is the year a venture into the unknown!

    and i hear ya on the stir craziness. im writing my thesis at the moment too, and def not as glorious as i thought it would be! maybe i should go to a cafe and write, a la carrie bradshaw. i would definitely be cool then.

    btw, nice egypt pics! looks like you had a great time! and i hear ya on the bargaining... gets so tiring!

  2. Oh my goodness....You had to mention two of my favorite things in one post (well, almost three). The buns, the glog AND coffee! Hate you. Miss you. We need to chat soon.

  3. @SY- Some konditori have semlor with a buttercream filling (though I prefer the whipped cream version!) How was Thailand?!?

    @Guzel- Guess you just gotta come back...you can only get semlor in February (well, and obviously mid-January.)

  4. For the record, I know exactly how much Anne wanted this coffee pot, and was excited when I saw it.
    Second hand means that the pervious got to do all (if any) of the haggling!