11 August, 2009

By the Hammer of Thor!

So. I love being in the land of the vikings. Hauling a very Norwegian last name around all my life kind of required that I own it. In fact, when I was a silly teenager, Nordic was code for my particular brand of Thor-foolery.

Anyway, strangely enough. I was also from a young age very interested in mythology. (My mom's story is that a 3rd grade teacher of mine didn't even know that 3rd graders knew the word mythology. But my other interest at the library was psychology... In third grade, true story.)

So, being a kid with a fascination for mythology I some how particularly loved Norse Sagas. And here I was looking up at a statue of Thor. He's the badass of Norse mythology. Kind of the Heracles of the North. But with lightning. Very heavy metal, I'm sure.

What's in a name? I heard a psychology report that two kids were named Winner & Loser. Yeah. As first names. And sure enough Winner went on to succeed in life, and well, Loser struggled. (*not true, I got the association backwards, see the link & comments)

How sad! So, I've got a little bit of Thor in my name, and a lot of Norwegian. For an American, who's a mis-mash mutt anyway, why would that matter more than English, or German... Is it more interesting? More defineing, like the Scottish? They say we need to think well of our fore-bearers. And American's forebearers are farther removed...

Anyway, I liked the statue. And we'll travel to where Anne's mom was born this week. I'll let you know if I recieve a flash from above.


  1. I'm Stu's nordic broHerr, and I can attest to his 3rd grade expertise! No really, I kept wondering why they weren't teaching the sagas in school because I thought that's where Stu was learning it from. I used to turn to him when I needed details on Norse Myths.

    That Winner/Loser report was so odd I had to try to find it. I didn't spend much time, so I didn't find it, but I did find an opposite report (without much of a source unfortunately). It's at http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/07/31/1027926917671.html

  2. Thanks! It's good to hear from you.

    Yeah, it was heard as in "overheard at a dinner party", but now you made me post a link. We'll digest and discuss. Cheers!

  3. Absolutely loving your blog! So I am keeping up with you and Ann. And you are your Mother's son with the sign-off "Cheers"...I had to laugh. You both have a great time. Maybe your Mom and I will see you there in the future? At this point we are planning Williamsburg in Oct and Alaska next summer. But your Mom is a gadabout fly so you'll never know where she'll turn up. I sure love seeing her as much as I do!! And K&S, too. Make sure you get both of you in some pixs, too!
    LOVE and PEACE....

  4. The statue sort of looks like you, doesn't it?? You're my Nordic,Scottish,German,English kid!! When you go to Scotland find a statue that looks like you. Start a photo album.
    Love ya'

  5. Anyway. You're right Bro, I totally got that backwards. That's what happens when I finish my posts up late at night. And when I rely on after the fact recollections. But, my point, "what's in a name?" at least had some interesting food for thought. That being, have I felt more Norwegian... I suppose so.

    Thanks Momma! That's an awfully nice challenge. See what I can do. Guess I've been hitting the gym, eh?