15 August, 2009

This country has freak hailstorms?

This is Stu on a bridge downtown (admittedly not the best picture of him, but I had to show how blue the sky was and how sunny and lovely it was!)

This is a lovely statue outside an entrance to Östermalmtorget T-bana. Still beautiful blue sky. As we were sitting outside for a long cafe lunch, Stu was actually getting a little sunburned.

Then these clouds start rolling in, as we lunched on the terrace of the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern with a new friend. It was a really nice little lunch. And they were truly impressive clouds. Like Good vs. Evil kind of clouds.

Then there was this wooshing chill and a heavy rain. I had just thought, my it's cold. And this is the hail that swooped in after the clouds. These were peanut M&M-sized hail.

After about ten minutes or so of roaring & pouring, it just turned back into rain. Then even that softened up. The suddenness was one to almost leave you second guessing. Did I really see that? But we had evidence, and assured each other that we had seen it. I imagine it would've been weird for someone coming out from the indoors just seeing the ice without seeing the show. Oh, and it's high of 68, low of 52. On August 13th. Sorry for those of you sweltering in the heat, but just think of the implications for winter...

Today it's back up to 71.

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