08 August, 2009


So, we went by the Stockholm City Library the other day. It's fantastic of course. You don't need us to do the architectural review, it's known.

But it's really, really impressive!

(Oops, this is Stu, not Anne)

One of the things that was most striking was how the open floor plan really did invite the participation in reading the books. You just want to pour through the stacks and stacks of shelved texts.

Also, the Swedes have developed their own classification system. You could easily see where you were going and what you would find there. Yes, yes. There are fancy computers to do your searching, but I'm a browser. (I'm the same way about shopping at the grocery store. No lists for me. And the thought of internet grocery delivery... repulsive.)

Anyway, I liked it. And I live around the corner, so I can see it being a new home of sorts. And I checked out Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on E's recommendation. It's a thriller set in and around Stockholm. A little light reading before the heavy load.

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