11 August, 2009

Vasa museet

We did our first touristy activity yesterday, in going to the Vasa Museum. Its on the little island of Djurgården (which has a ton of museums and green space...really very cute!)

The boat was built to be the biggest, most expensive / extravagant, most heavily armed ship in the kings fleet in 1628. Much like the Titanic, it sunk on its maiden voyage. Unlike the Titanic, which got pretty far out there before ramming that iceberg, the Vasa sunk before even getting out of the Stockholm Harbor. August 10, 1628.
Apparently, it was a big embarrassment, and people tried to forget about it. Until they pulled it up in the 1960s. The museum really did a great job of integrating so many aspects of the ship and Swedens history in thoughtful and attractive exhibit areas. We spent almost 3 hours in there, but could have spent several more (if we hadnt been starving!)

Those are teeny people down there, so you can see the scale.

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