05 August, 2009

We're here...

We left DC in a bit of a rush, so we were exhausted by the time we landed. Our last day was just last minute getting stuff together, cleaning up our friends house, and having lunch with my dad. When we got back to N&Ts house, with about 45 mins until our cab was coming to pick us up, we noticed that Ts car window had been smashed! Theyre not getting back to DC until Thursday, so we reported it, taped up the window, and gave the keys to a friend to deal with. What crappy timing & luck! It didnt look like much was stolen, but having to replace a drivers side window sucks...hopefully insurance covers it.

After trains & planes & automobiles, we made it to our place for the next month in Stockholm. We are staying in the Södermalm neighborhood, in an adorable little apartment close to everything. Well, I get the feeling that everywhere in the city is close to everything.

We found our livsmedelsäffaren (grocery stores) and walked through Gamla Stan http://www.old-town-stockholm.com. Holy crap, its cute! We saw a demonstration for free elections in Iran (we saw one in Georgetown in DC a few weeks ago, so that was kind of cool.) We walked through lots of lovely little parks and saw amazing churches and buildings. And water! We now live on the water! Wow.

Today, we are getting the equivalent of a social security number...our personnummer from the tax office. Then we can receive health benefits, enroll in Swedish language classes, open a bank account, etc.

More to come...

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