13 August, 2009

The Homeland

So, yesterday we went to the Mother of All IKEAs. Yup.

The flagship store in Kungens Kurva, Skärholmen. It's massive.

We'd been warned:Never Go To IKEA on Saturday. It's apparently a very bad idea. So heeding that advice we went early on Wednesday to stand inline at the tax office. Ha! It wasn't that long this time around, so we got cocky and chatted with a friend in a cafe, for two hours. By the time we got to the bus it was no longer "early".

Now, a cultural note for those of you playing at home, Swedes are renowned for their ability to wait patiently in line. It's the national sport. Like running marathons for Kenya. You can't out-wait a Swede. You take your paper ticket and you wait. We've now waited two different times at the tax office which is never "fun" dealing with bureaucracy. But at least it's more efficient. It's like the DMV... in IKEA. It's weird. All this is to say, the one time I haven't seen an orderly line was getting on to the FREE BUS to IKEA. Then it was every Swede for themselves, I can't say I blame them. But I couldn't keep a hold of Anne's hand with the pushing. I managed to get us one seat. I wouldn't say I was shoved exactly, but as Ron Burgundy would say "I had to keep my head on a swivel" There might have been a trident, I really couldn't say...

It was only about 18km outside of town. So a quick 20 minute ride. But a quick ride with Anne sitting on my lap and crammed into the very back of the bus. Plus, I wasn't sure if it was the jostling of the back of the busy, or the heat, or the Little Mexican I picked up the McD's that had me feeling as though I might lose my lunch. (*The Little Mexican is a small cheese burger with picante sauce. Tastes like taco bell in a hamburger bun. It's the special, limited-edition European McD offering you don't get in the US. Yeah, I can tell you're jealous...)

In any case, we got there and I just wanted to sit down... if only there was a couch. Holy Moses were there couches. After an enjoyable meal at the cafe (I had the salmon, Anne kept it real with the Swedish Meatballs) stomachs were settled and we tried out a few of the rooms. The main show room is a 4 story column, about the size Hirshhorn but with a solid middle section as well. It's big.

And it was incredible. Really, they're brilliant. Did you know IKEA had clothes? Not a lot mind you. And toothbrushes? Soap. Books on design. Don't even get me started on the closet organization. We managed to get out with only spending a hundred bucks. But it took some doing. And of course we'll be back. We'll bide our time. Once we're in the new place. It's all just a matter of time. But the first bus ride's free. (and the next, and the next) It's gonna be dangerous.

Oh, and we stood at the very front of the bus. Much better option.


  1. That is one crazy mothership! And the "little mexican"..... ummmm... gross. :D

  2. Yup. Sometimes I just run headlong into danger.

  3. IKEA sells clothes? Weird...