06 August, 2009


We have 4 boxes of milk in our narrow little Swedish fridge right now. We didn't plan to have 4 open boxes of dairy products within 3 days of moving here (after all, it is the "rötmånad," so everything is bound to go bad.) Its just that all their dairy products seem to be packaged and labeled in the same way, as to confuse poor, uneducated foreigners like us.

We thought we were buying whole milk for coffee. We bought a box of yogurt, and a box of Mellanfil, as it seemed like it was right in the middle, and looked like all the other dairy boxes (all the milk products are in boxes like parmalat, but they are refrigerated.) Wednesday morning, I poured it in my coffee, and managed to drink one swig of the clumpy, sour crap before really noticing. Holy crap, it was gross! It might not be so bad if dressed up somehow, but it seems to be some whole milk, sour yogurt combo, like a sour kefir or something. Either way, disgusting in coffee.

We stopped by the store on the way home to buy milk that evening to replace it. Fil mjölk (full milk? Like whole milk? thats what I thought, anyway.) Stu did the same to his this morning. I just drank mine black. I had terrible jetlag anyway and couldn't get to sleep until 4am, so I needed the straight caffeine.

And on the way home tonight, we bought the most plain Mjölk look-alike we could find, no extra words or anything. I'm hoping tomorrow will go better. I've read that the Swedes have a thing for milk products, but jesus. We are eating only meusli at home for breakfast so that we don't waste all the wierd half-milk, half-yogurt things we bought.


  1. Gosh, that reminds me of the first time I went in a Turkish grocery store by myself. I thought I was buying strawberry jelly and got something that was supposed to enhance your manhood. Sultan's Paste. Wasn't so good with peanut butter, but, boy was I popular.
    Although my Turkish is rudimentary, I often feel pretty decent about it, that is, until I go into a store. Especially the supermarket. Thank god for fruit.

  2. oh my, thank you for making me laugh my way through your blogs, it's a light in the november darkness! and for discovering Sweden from another point of view. I take things like these for granted everyday when it really is hilarious lol.