19 August, 2009

Back to schoooool!

Stu starts up his program in about an hour...he is out getting a haircut (gotta look respectable for business school, and we have been in scruffy vacation mode for a month now!!)

The first week or so will be nuts, and I probably won't see him much myself. While he will have a full Monday-Friday morning schedule all semester, this first week and a half is all-day orientations, lectures, meetings, and events. Tonight, he has a banquet with the other master's students and employers. Tomorrow, after class, some cocktail & mingling time with classmates. Friday, its some scavenger hunt and class. And Saturday, we are leaving to spend the weekend out on the archipelago, camping (I think? Or it could be a cottage/stuga?)

And school starts up for me on Monday! I just found out that a space opened up in the program I applied to at Stockholm University, in the Curating Art master's programme. Stu & I had a field trip out to SU this week, and its HUGE. 50,000 students, so much bigger than University of MD, and I won't even mention tiny Mary Wash. And I was pleased to see that the Art History department shares the building with the campus library.
I have a much less busy semester schedule, with only 2 classes per week, for only 2 hours. Much more like the grad school schedule I am used to! I had a heart attack when I saw the hours in class that Stu had to commit to in business school! And for the mean time, I am working in the afternoons as a nanny with 3 kids, so we'll see how it goes. I learned yesterday that couscous is "blehbleh" (thats 1-year-old speak for icky) and that the 4-year-old wanted pasta with ketchup for dinner. Gourmet, for sure.

Swedes sunbathing outside of Handelshögskolan, Stu's new digs!


  1. that is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge door. very impressive. random question: how's the tap water?

    (I'm sooo jealous of your schedule, Anne)

  2. Thanks, Nana!

    Oh, by the way, the tap water is awesome. DC and Stockholm are on opposite ends ends of the tap water spectrum.