03 March, 2010

Happy March!

With Xynthia, March came in like a lion here, so praaaaay the saying holds true in Sweden, and it will go out like a lamb. Like a warm, sunny, snow-less, ice-less little lamb.

We still have lots of snow on the ground, and its still super cold. But today was (nearly) all sun! It even inspired me to do a little yoga this morning, which I'm embarrassed to say doesn't happen too often...its hard to motivate to do sun-salutes when there is no sun to, uh, salute. I guess I should have been better at lighting candles--a tactic employed vigorously in Scandinavia to combat the dark and SADness (that and tanning beds on every other corner.) But with us gaining more than 5 minutes each day of light, I'm hoping to do a lot more yoga soon. Is there a Hindu lamb god? If so, I should pray to him...

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