16 March, 2010

I'd steal them too

Stu & I lived in DC before moving to Stockholm. The Nation's Capital. We lived in a cute, colorful neighborhood straight up from the White House backing up to the zoo, but Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 3am, it was on the list of neighborhoods where you were most likely to get mugged (or worse.) We had a good friend get his car stolen once only to find that he could not get it back because it was used in the commission of a felony...the kids who stole it shot a cop while riding in it. I never felt especially in danger, but still felt relieved in moving to Sweden, where the number of violent crimes in the entire country is less than the number in the tiny city of Washington D.C.

So, you know, having lived in, say, a somewhat thuggish city like DC, I got a kick out of this interesting article from The Local (again, the English version of Swedish news.)  It seems that in the south, a group known as the Black Cobra Gang pulled off a daring attack on a delivery man and made off with precious cargo, namely, over a hundred boxes of almond tarts, punch rolls, apple crowns and brownies.  We have also been watching a heck of a lot of the show Burn Notice, so maybe I'm also in a daring international spy sort of mindset, but just imagining how the heist went off to obtain a few dozen boxes of Swedish baked goods made us roll with laughter.

You should really read the whole thing, because its also another example of the spectacular word-smithing of The Local journalists (the thieves cut a hole and "liberated its irresistible cargo"?)

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