05 March, 2010

Tack så mycket, GI Bill

We got some small but good news on an otherwise kind of crappy day!  Way back in the fall, Stu applied on a whim for GI benefits from the US Army. We weren't holding our breath, because Stu left the Army in 2003, having served his 4 years, paid off his undergrad loans, and said 안녕히계세요 (he was a Korean linguist, so "annyeonghi gyeseyo" is Korean for "goodbye").

But he got an envelop in the mail today saying they had processed and approved his request for post-9/11 education benefits!  Now, yes, his education has no tuition, because we live in Sweden, where higher education is free for all (well, until 2011 that is!) So the biggest benefit of tuition reimbursement is moot, technically. BUT, they give you a monthly housing allowance if you have dependents (hellooo, that's ME!) and a yearly book stipend.

It ain't much, but on a day where and I had classes on philosophy, meetings on the questionable direction of my program, and an EXAM in Swedish, and Stu had a crap day overall, it was nice.

We are going to see Alice in Wonderland tonight to celebrate.


  1. As your grandmother's favorite entertainer would say: Wunnerful! Wunnerful!

    So the luffly champagne lady and I offer you a toast on Unca Sam's generosity.

  2. Thank you, Lawrence Welk.

    You know I'm not a big fan of the army, but I AM a big fan of anyone who wants to give me money! I'd be psyched if his army $$$ kicked in while the unemployment is still available. We'd be living like kings! Or kungar, in Swedish! I think.